100ml Elixir 54mg strength E Mixing Liquid


Elixir, is high strength, unflavoured, nicotine base E Mixing Liquid for e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes or electronic nicotine inhalators, ENIs). It is made in the UK from the purest pharmaceutical grade products.

Elixir 54mg E Mixing Liquid (100ml) is an e-liquid mixing nicotine base. It is not to be used for vaping at its current strength, but must be diluted with an appropriate diluent such as propylene glycol (PG12) and can be used to make your cheap DIY e-liquids for e-cigarettes.

The ingredients in this 100ml bottle of Elixir, are just pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The liquid is made in the UK to a high standard, contains only the purest ingredients and is bottled in a sterile environment.

Elixir is a 54mg strength E Mixing Liquid. That is it contains 54mg of nicotine per ml of liquid, in other words, the total volume of liquid contains 5.4% nicotine. Full instructions for making your DIY E-Liquids come with the Elixir.

Along with the 100ml bottle of Elixir, you will also receive a 5ml graduated pipette, to make measuring out the e-liquid ingredients easy. The 100ml Elixir bottle comes with a childproof cap and should be kept out of reach of children at all times.


  • Elixir 54mg E Mixing Liquid (100ml)
  • 5ml Graduated Pipette
  • Instructions

Why not try making your cheap e-liquid using 100ml Elixir E Mixing Liquid today!

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