3 ml Graduated Pipettes – Pack Of 5


This listing is for a pack of five 3 ml pipettes. This 3 ml transfer pipettes are very useful for measuring quantities of e-liquid. Each plastic pipette has 0.5 ml graduations and can measure up to 3 ml. Perfect for measuring out ingredients when making your DIY e-liquid.

They can be used to transfer any liquids and to measure either in drops or milliliters. These pipettes have 20 drops per ml and also 0.5 ml graduations up to 3 ml. If you fill the pipette past the 3 ml graduation to fill the bulb, it can contain 4.2 ml liquid.


  • Length: 155mm
  • Drops per ml: 20
  • Graduations : 0.5 ml
  • Bulb Draw: 4.2ml
  • Drop Volume: 50┬Ál

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