3 of Our Favorite Delta 9 THC Vape Pen


Delta 9 THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most popular cannabinoid in marijuana plants — accounting for up to 25% of the plant’s weight. Delta-9 THC is a property of cannabis discovered all the way back in 1964. This is the property linked with some common effects of cannabis like elation, sedation, relaxation, laughter, memory impairment, and hunger.

Delta 9 THC comes and can be consumed in different ways, the most popular method of consumption is oral ingestion – This is taking it by mouth in the form of capsules, edibles such as Delta 9 Gummies, tinctures, or oils. While this method of delivery takes longer to have an effect, the drug’s effects tend to last longer.

Is Delta-9 THC Addictive?

In the United States, cannabis is the most commonly used federally illegal substance. THC tolerance and dependence (precursors to addiction) have been widely documented, despite popular belief that the drug is not addictive.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), about 30% of marijuana users become addicted, and using the drug before the age of 18, when the brain is still developing, increases the risk of cannabis use disorder by four to seven times.

Cannabis use disorder is similar to other types of addiction in that it involves a preoccupation with the drug, bingeing, and withdrawal symptoms when it is not used. Constant cravings, as well as drug-related relationship and social issues, are additional criteria for diagnosing an addiction.

What Delta 9 THC Vape Pen should I buy?

Several brands produce delta-9 products that give quality effects. However, do not purchase just any delta-9 product that pops into your radar without vetting the brand first. To that effect, read further to learn about the best Delta 9 THC pens offered by delta-9 brands that priorities quality

1. CBDfx Delta-9 THC Vape Pen + CBD: Pineapple Express Hybrid

This Pineapple Express vape, which was previously part of CBDfx’s CBD vape pen line, has been upgraded to full-on delta-9 THC status for US customers. That means it is high in THC (yet legal) to match the classic cannabis strain flavor that made the original pen so popular. This vape liquid is a hybrid that combines the mood-enhancing effects of sativa strains with the relaxing effects of an indica.

Pineapple Express pens from CBDfx are ideal for unwinding at the end of a long day or simply relaxing on a lazy weekend.

2. CBDfx Delta-9 THC Vape Pen + CBD: OG Kush Indica

CBDfx upgraded their OG Kush vape pen from broad spectrum CBD to full spectrum CBD with increased delta-9 THC content, similar to the Pineapple Express pen. The result is a deliciously earthy flavor that will remind cannabis enthusiasts of one of the G.O.A.T. strains. The OG Kush is an indica-based oil that is ideal for deep relaxation, whether you are getting ready for bed or just want to relax your body and mind.

The OG Kush Indica, like all of CBDfx’s latest pens, comes with 2g of juice, which works out to about 800 puffs, making it as long-lasting as it is discreet and easy to use.

3. TRE House THC Vape Pen: Wedding Cake Indica

TRE House, based in California, is a new face in the world of potent (but legal) cannabinoids, moving away from the delta-9 crowd. They adhere to the same high quality standards that drew us to CBDfx in the first place: organically grown hemp, highly effective products, and the transparency of third-party lab reports. They also make some potent vape juices!

Wedding Cake Hybrid Pen from TRE House contains a whopping 1250mg of delta-8 THC, 5mg of delta-9 TC, 500mg of delta-10 THC, and 60mg of THC-0. This rechargeable/disposable THC pen contains full spectrum CBD that is grown in the United States and ensures a pure, smooth puff every time. In addition, the 2g of indica hemp oil provides a gentle relaxation effect that is sure to relax you.

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