Aqueous Glycerine 100ml VG AG


Aqueous Glycerine 100ml is pharmaceutical grade the UK sourced vegetable glycerine that has a little distilled water added to make it the correct consistency to add to e-liquid. Vegetable glycerine on its own is quite thick. Aqueous glycerin produces a good deal of visible vapor when in an e-liquid and so is often added to PG based e-liquid, to give some extra “smoke.” Glycerine is not such a smooth vape as propylene glycol, but if added in small quantities, the throat hit from PG and smoothness is retained, while giving that extra visible vapor.

Commonly people find that adding 10-20% of aqueous glycerine, along with 80-90% propylene glycol, makes for an excellent vaping experience. It is worth testing with small quantities to see how much makes the perfect vape for you. It is possible to make an e-liquid using only aqueous glycerine as the base, it is an e-liquid diluent, and although it does not carry the flavors as well as PG, it is certainly adequate as a diluent and some people prefer it. It can be mixed with a nicotine base when making DIY E Liquid mixes.

You can find instructions for mixing your DIY E-Liquids here


  • Pharmaceutical Grade Aqueous Glycerine (100ml)

Why not try making your cheap e-liquid using some AG15 aqueous glycerine today!

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