Chants of Snow E-liquid Recipe


Chants of Snow E-liquid Recipe


The Chants of Snow e-liquid recipe has many softening properties, and this DIY can be highly beneficial during moments of emotional distress. It has great mood elevating, invigoration and hedonism properties due to the presence of Black Licorice, Koolada, Peppermint, White Chocolate and White tea. Go for this recipe and dance your way in the deliciously interesting flavors and fragrances!
Ingredients for Chants of Snow e-liquid recipe are:

You can begin with Pg/VG/Nicotine base of your own choice.


Benefits of Chants of Snow e-liquid recipe are:

  • The wonderful Black Licorice flavor is super soothing and its contribution to this recipe is amazingly unique as it captures the best in black licorice flavor in a truly delicious way. The flavor is spot on, sweet with goodness of black licorice. The mild earthy flavor is a mouthwatering blend with rich, realistic, spicy sweet texture that lingers for long.
  • While you begin to inhale this DIY e-liquid recipe, the peppermint in it, will relax you. This is your downtime and you can unwind yourself. The smoothness of peppermint gives a nice snappy finish .The throat hit is moderate and you will get an additional tobacco aftertaste. The peppermint gives a refreshing kick to the recipe. In all seriousness you will experience a peppermint tingle throughout the session.
  • White chocolate flavor is creamy, smooth and offers rich white chocolate aroma and flavor. The sweet and savory subtle chocolate offers smoothly textured vapor that is too amazing to handle. Treat and pamper yourself with this indulgent flavor as you will get entirely swept by its delicious clouds of rich vapor that are very satisfying.
  • White chocolate is no lesser than ‘wicked pleasure’, its vapors offers sensual pleasures on its own as it hits the same areas of the brain and generates the feelings of pleasure and sense of well being.
  • White tea flavor is very refined, gentle and soft when compared to black and green tea. The delicate and less harsh flavor is subtle yet sophisticated and generates luxuriant vapors that gives more than just a white tea fragrance and flavor.
  • Koolada as we know has no odor or taste of its own yet it gives a ‘cold feeling.'Its inhalation provides cooling sensation and if you are a fan of ‘’Icy’’ feeling go for Koolada.



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