Crystal Lite E-liquid Recipe


Crystal Lite E-liquid Recipe


%RATINGS_MAX%Crystal Lite e-liquid recipe is beautiful, elegant and pacifying vape. It is too gentle and sober that it can be your all day vape. Your senses will get a mother like pamper; loving, soft and mild. Go for this DIY if you want a harmonious, peaceful vape!

Ingredients for Crystal Lite e-liquid recipe are:

You can begin with PG/VG/Nicotine base of your choice.


Benefits of Crystal Lite e-liquid recipe are

  • This recipe is phenomenal with steeping. You shake it and vape it as much as you want. Feel free to experiment with the brands and injector deduct ingredients according to your will.
  • Coconut is a deliciously rejuvenating, reviving and uplifting vape. You can enliven your senses with this creamy and delicious coconut flavor that is subtle enough to be enjoyed all day long. The aroma of coconut is extremely soothing thus relieves mental fatigue and stress.
  • Coconut has raving benefits when it is vaped. It is known to spice up the bedroom fun. It can get you into the mood, as it’s an aphrodisiac. It gives a tender throat hit, aroma feels lovely and the flavor; too pleasant.
  • Pineapple adds true succulence in the vape. It is a delight for those who love the juiciness of the fruit. The vapors and throat hit culminate together for a flawless vape with every hit. Whether it’s the sweet or the tangy part of the pineapple you love, you will get a mouthful of flavor with this vape. The taste will trick your mind for gorging into the slice of this sexy fruit.
  • The aroma of this recipe that is mainly dominated by pineapple and coconut will have your mind believing that you are on an exotic vacation.
  • Pear renders a zesty and sweet flavor that gives a stellar throat hit and the solid amount of vapes. The flavor comes out nice, pure and clean just like the fruit itself. The zesty taste is mixed with the sweetness of the pear as you exhale for a smooth vape. The fresh pear aroma will leave you dazzled.
  • Whipped cream is sweet, light and delightfully creamy that is a pleasure to vape and blend. It gives the smooth and sweet finish to the recipe.

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