DIY E Liquid Mixing Kit (Banana Cream)


This DIY E-Liquid Kit contains all you need to get started making your banana flavored e-liquid. Making your e-liquids can save you lots of money, you can buy the individual ingredients you need at a much lower total cost than you would pay for ready-made e-liquids. You also have control over the exact strength and flavors that you mix.

With this DIY E-Liquid Kit, you will receive all the required basic ingredients, that is the high strength nicotine base liquid (Elixir), the diluent (PG12), the diluent AG15 and the banana flavoring. You will also receive the equipment required to do the mixing. A graduated pipette and syringe for measuring small quantities of liquids, a graduated mixing beaker, empty dropper bottles (5ml and 30ml) and a pair of nitrile gloves that are recommended to be worn when handling the ingredients for making E-Liquids. Of course also included are the all important instructions, that are simple and easy to follow.

You can read further information about DIY e-liquid and how to mix e-liquid at this link.


  • Elixir 54mg E Mixing Liquid (30ml)
  • PG12 Propylene glycol diluent (100ml)
  • AG15 Aqueous Glycerine diluent (30ml)
  • Banana Cream Flavouring (10ml)
  • 3ml graduated pipette
  • 1ml graduated syringe
  • 100ml mixing beaker
  • Empty 30ml childproof dropper bottle
  • Empty 5ml childproof dropper bottle
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Instructions

Why not try making your cheap e liquid today!

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