Dragon’s Kiss Eliquid Recipe


Dragon’s Kiss Eliquid Recipe


Dragon’s Kiss E-Liquid DIY recipe is deliciously sweet and light. It is full of beautiful flavors and is very refreshing for the senses. This recipe will liven up for life along with your vaping session. The conjunction of dragon fruit, blood orange and natural kiwi is such a dreadful combination that it can become almost contagious. The gorgeous flavors, the king sized vapors; the divine aroma, the mighty throat hit will brighten up your life. Try this E -Liquid recipe to experience the intimacy of fruit flavors and fragrances.

Ingredients for Dragon’s Kiss E-Liquid Recipe are

Start with PG/VG/ Nicotine base of your own choice-


Benefits of Dragon’s Kiss e-liquid recipe are

•  The taste of Dragon Fruit in this recipe is wonderful. It seems like a perfect cross between pear and kiwi. This beautiful and exotic fruit is a bit sour but every refreshing.
•  Monotony is enemy when it comes to vaping. The stranger, prettier, the more nutrient rich/healthy fruit flavor the more is the excitement, pleasures and fun each time when you vape. Coming on Dragon Fruit it is just so beautiful. The vapors of Dragon Fruit strengthen the brain and checks asthma and coughing.
•  The taste of kiwi in this recipe is very realistic; it is sweet with tiny hints of sourness. The tartness of kiwi works surprisingly well with Blood Orange and Dragon fruit. The throat hit is splendid with gigantic clouds of smoke
•  The vapors of kiwi act as brain medicine. It slows down ageing process and boost immunity. The vapors of Kiwi are good for healthy sex as they increase libido.
•  Blood Orange delights and refreshes the taste buds magically. Its taste is sweet and mellow. It has a wonderful crimson orange flavor that maintains its presence throughout the smoke. It has concentrated citrus kick with a great full flavor. The tantalizing blood orange tastes like biting the authentic blood orange.


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