Everything You Need to Know About Hazetown Vapes (Canada’s Number One Store)


When it comes to the best and most impressive vape stores in Canada, Hazetown Vapes comes top. Since its inception in 2015, this store has continuously worked tirelessly to provide vapers in the Great White North with the best products at the most affordable rates. Hazetown Vapes offers a comprehensive collection of vape pods, pens, juices, devices, and accessories to suit the needs of various consumers. The store partners with top-tier brands like Allo, Ghost, JUUL, STLTH, Puff Bar, ENVI, Vuse, SMOK, Innokin, Uwell, and GeekVape, so you are always assured of quality products. Now that you know the basics about Hazetown Vapes let’s explore the online store further.

What inspired the formation of Hazetown vapes?

Hazetown Vapes was created to provide a safer, easier, and affordable way to help smoking addicts overcome addiction. Smoking has detrimental effects on the consumer and is singlehandedly responsible for the direct and indirect death of millions of people. By partnering with multiple vape brands, Hazetown provides smokers with a tested and proven method that will help them wean off nicotine and eventually quit. Vaping is safer compared to inhaling tar in conventional cigarettes and also protects loved ones from 2nd hand smoke effects. Hazetown Vapes acts as a conduit that provides products that help individuals make a smooth transition from smoking. 

Multiple stores

If you are wondering, ‘is there a vape shop near me?’. Hazetown Vapes currently has three stores across Canada. The first store was founded in 2015 and is located in TORONTO – HV, 325 Wedston Rd Unit 2A. The second store is located DOWNTOWN TORONTO – HV, 166 Spadina Ave. The Georgetown vape shop is the third and final location. It was opened 21st of March, 2022 and has quickly become popular across the area.

Excellent customer service – online and face to face

Hazetown Vape shop settles for nothing less than perfect for its customers. The customer representatives are friendly, professional, and highly knowledgeable in vape-related products and accessories. The team is always ready to help by answering any queries you might have or assisting you in finding the ideal product to suit your needs, whether a new or seasoned vaper. 

Fastest delivery in Canada and cheapest shipping fees

How many vape shops offer same-day delivery? With Hazetown Vapes, you get to enjoy same-day delivery for all orders made before noon. That means that if you make your order early enough, you can get your package within hours: I couldn’t think of anything more fantastic. Orders made past noon are shipped the next day, and those made over the weekend are delivered on Monday. Hazetown treats its customers to multiple deals and discounts. For example, any order above $50 is charged a mere $5 in shipping fees. While others offer such deals with orders above $200, this brand stands out.

Flexibility in offering services

Do you like online shopping and delivery, curbside parking as you pick up your order, or shopping in-store? Whichever option you prefer, Hazetown offers it. The store lets you choose which method best suits your needs and preferences. The store has a Wheelchair-accessible car park , a Wheelchair-accessible entrance, and amenities like free wifi. Lastly, you can pay for products via multiple payment options. Hazetown accepts debit cards, Mobile Wallets, and Credit cards. 

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