Evoking Glitter-bomb E-liquid Recipe


Evoking Glitter-bomb E-liquid Recipe


Evoking Glitter Bomb is the peppiest, most inspiring and passionate e-liquid recipe I have ever tried. The spirit of the recipe is derived from the Energy Drink e-liquid that gives it a punch excitement, exhilaration, and chirpiness along with cinnamon red hot that gives it a bounce of joy. The recipe vitalizes the mind and body and this one surely gives you wings every time you vape. So what’s the wait now, go and get some wings!

Ingredients for Evoking Glitter-Bomb:

You can begin with the PG/VG/Nicotine base of your choice.



Benefits of Evoking Glitter bomb are:

  • I know this, cracking open your favorite energy drink always gives a fresh jolt in your day but with this e-liquid recipe, the flavors are astonishingly the same. The flavor kick of the robust energy drink would make you thunder hit every time you vape.
  • The flavors of this recipe are fun and super exciting. You will instantly adhere to this energy drink beverage based e-liquid recipe as it will you wings as it tastes just like the real thing.
  • The flavor will hit the spot, give you a super buzz, and create an evoking sensation. The e-cig users can get a boost from this DIY recipe as it has a very refreshing taste.
  • When you opt for energy drink based e-liquid recipe, you will experience a bubbly tingle down your throat as it gives a hit followed by the tsunami of flavor you love. You will get a bombastic boost throughout the day, and the full thick vapor cloud will drive you insane with energy and fun.
  • E-Cig users who go for this recipe can have the best of both the worlds when they go for the energy drink based e-liquid recipe. The new jump of the recipe is something that can inject the sparks of oomph, fizz, and zing throughout your dull day.
  • Now, what does the Cinnamon Red Hot do with the energy drink is not a matter of suspicion. Its refreshing flavor makes the recipe bolder and spicier as it heats up the vaping session deliciously in a hot way. You will experience a phenomenal explosion of flavor on each inhale and exhale. The bold and spicy undertones fire the verve of the recipe.

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