Flum Float Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs Review


Flum float is a brand that has gained popularity since its inception. In less than a decade, this brand has managed to rise to the top of the industry and maintain the status quo. It produces high-quality disposables with the most incredible features. It has continuously improved the quality of the devices, making them top-tier in the market. 

The Flum Float disposable device is among the greatest due to its high puff count and battery capacity. The Flum float disposable is made with a unique design that emphasizes portability, making it a convenient device. All Flum float disposables are top-notch, but this Flum float 3000 puffs beats them all. Below is everything you need to know about this vape


Unique design

When making purchases, the first impression has everything to do with the shape and design of the device. A great shape and design have a positive impact on the choice of purchase and vice versa. This device is made in a cylindrical design, making it fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. Movement is easy when dealing with a portable vape. The cylindrical design makes this device preferable to people compared to other box-shaped vapes.

Vape juice capacity

Every time you choose a disposable vape, the vape juice capacity plays a significant role since it directly shows how much throat hit you are likely to experience. This Flum float disposable 3000 puffs has a capacity of 8ml, enough to give lengthy vaping sessions and incredible throat hits. Its capacity is among the largest in the Flum float collection.

Firing mechanism

For first-time smokers and those that have not tried this Flum float disposable, the firing mechanism might be the greatest invention. This device employs the use of draw activated firing mechanism to start. This means you do not need to press any buttons for the device to fire up. With the first draw, this vape fires up.

Salt nicotine

Salt nicotine ensures you get very smooth hits and less throat irritation while smoking. With salt nicotine, the ph is balanced; hence you have a great experience.


Flum float disposable vape has the most incredible flavors made by combining fruity and dessert tastes. All the flavors are unique and professionally made in the best technology. These flavors are lush ice, gummy drop, tobacco, fruit Hawaii, power bull, aloe grape, clear, mixed berries, nana cobbler, Pina polo, red bang, strawberry banana, strawberry ice cream, strawberry mango, summer strawkiwi, peach ice, blue raspberry ice, cotton candy, aloe mango melon ice, aloe pineapple ice, lime romance, guava citrus, icy lemon berry, strawberry pom among others. 


Whether you are a first-time smoker or you haven’t tried this Flum float disposable, this vape is your most appropriate device. It is convenient, highly portable, has a great battery capacity, and delivers delicious flavors. Flum float disposable vape 3000 puffs is affordable and supports high-quality performance. If you are an adventurous vaper who is always on the move, be sure to find a home in this device.

Where to purchase the Flum float disposable vape

You can purchase the Flum float disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $15.75. This is one of its best-selling products at a highly competitive price. Visit the site today for multiple deals and discounts. 

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