Fondue Delight Ejuice Recipe


Fondue Delight Ejuice Recipe


This recipe is a sheer delight, as it entertains the senses like never before. The vapor, aroma, throat hit and flavor all are 10/10.This DIY recipe positively influences the mood, as the double chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallow and ripe strawberry stimulates the feelings of pleasure.

Ingredients for Fondue Delight

You can begin with the PG/VG/Nicotine base of your own choice.


Benefits of Fondue Delight

•  The flavor of ripe strawberry is perfectly juicy and ripe. The explosion of sweet juicy flavor will coat your tongue as your taste buds will dance in the bright red (strawberry) taste. The fresh aroma of strawberries and the billowing clouds of ripened strawberries create a recreational smoking experience.
•  The flavor, taste and aroma of strawberries will spice up your sex life as its vapors ease the stress, melts away anxiety and pours the mind with generous bliss and fun.
•  Strawberry vapors are deadly good, that’s no secret, and the flavors of this recipe keep the brain sharp, active and relaxed.
•  Double chocolate, is awesome in this recipe, it’s not just for chocoholics but also satisfies crave of dessert loving vaping community. Like the real dark chocolate, the flavor is slightly bitter with minimum sweetness. The inhale is salty, the throat hit is noticeable and the exhale is vapory light plume.
•  The recipe captures the flavor of freshly whisked whipped cream brilliantly. The fluffy and light flavor is great on its own but goes gorgeously well with double chocolate, marshmallow and ripe strawberry.
•  The flavor of marshmallow, what can I say is so comforting and luxurious that you just can’t get enough of it. It maintains its serenity despite being sandwiched with double chocolate, ripe strawberry and d whipped cream. The throat hit is tranquilizing and the aroma is full of solace.


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