Gelato CBD Terpene Vape Liquid by CBDfx Review


There are numerous CBD vape liquids on the market today, but some of them stand out for their unique flavor and quality. CBDfx’s Gelato CBD Terpene vape juice is one of them. This is no ordinary vape juice. It has the flavor of the popular eponymous cannabis strain. Gelato is an Indica- dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Cookie Scout Cookies. Thanks to its genetics, Gelato has one of the most unique CBD vape juice flavors. It has the rich flavor of a fruity sherbet with prominent citrus and berry notes. The flavor of this strain is truly unique. CBDfx’s Gelato CBD Terpene e-juice is infused with natural terpenes to make it taste like the Gelato strain.

Although this vape juice is named after a popular cannabis strain, make no mistake – it contains zero THC and won’t get you high. Gelato CBD Terpene e-liquid is made with 99% pure CBD Isolate. The manufacturers of this e-juice go the extra mile in the quest to bring you the very best. CBDfx products are made using organic hemp plants grown in Kentucky by veteran farmers. The raw hemp is processed using CO2 extraction at the company’s factory in California. This Gelato vape juice and all other products from this company are organic, solvent-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans.

CBDfx’s Gelato vape juice will make you feel calm. Just like the Gelato strain, this Gelato e-liquid is one of the best CBD vape juices for pain. You can also use it for just about everything you can use CBD for. Vaping is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your bloodstream. When you vape a CBD e-juice, it is absorbed into your bloodstream through the blood vessels in your lungs.

The fact that it contains terpenes from the Gelato strain means that it can also be used for some of the symptoms that the Gelato strain is recommended for such as inflammation, headaches, chronic pain, and more. We recommend that you consult a medical expert if you want to use any CBD product to treat a medical condition, especially if you’re currently on medication.

CBDfx is completely transparent about its manufacturing process and the content of its products. Gelato CBD Terpene vape liquid contains just four ingredients – vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural terpenes, and CBD isolate. Nothing else. All CBDfx products are tested by a third-party lab before they hit the shelves. You will find the lab test result at the company’s online store.

If you love the Gelato strain and you don’t want to get high, this is a great vape juice to try. CBDfx’s Gelato CBD Terpene e-juice is available in a 30ml or 60ml bottle with either 500mg or 1000mg of CBD isolate.

Apart from Gelato, CBDFx has other terpene-infused CBD vape liquids. Head over to the CBDfx online store to check out their range of products and learn more about this company. CBDfx is offering 25% off on the Gelato CBD Terpene vape juice when you use the promo code ‘CHILL’.

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