Gold Pack Cigarette – E Liquid Flavor Concentrate 10ml


Gold Pack E-Liquid Flavor is a flavoring for e-liquids that tastes similar to a popular brand of UK cigarettes. It is a quality food grade flavor, made to the highest standards. This e-liquid flavor contains only pure flavorings and propylene glycol. It is water soluble, so should not clog up the atomizer on your e-cigarette.

This cigarette flavoring tastes like a popular brand of UK cigarettes. It is quite high, so only small quantities required. If you are switching from smoking cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes, then Gold Pack e-liquid may help you make the transition, giving the feel of smoking a real cigarette. When making DIY e-liquid for the e-cigarette, you usually need to add between 5-10% flavoring. That is for every 10ml of e-liquid, you would add between 0.5-1ml e-liquid flavor. This very much depends on taste however and so it is the best experiment for yourself, starting off adding a little and then adding more until you achieve the strength of flavor that you prefer.

Whatever quantity of e-liquid you are making, you can quickly calculate the amount of flavor you need to add using our e-liquid mixing calculator here.

For further information on how to mix DIY e-liquids for e-cigarettes, see our guide here.


  • Gold Pack E-Liquid Flavor (10ml)
  • Ingredients: natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol
  • Comes in 10ml dropper bottle with childproof cap

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