How To Mix Your Own E Liquid


Mixing E Liquid is pretty straight forward. You are simply mixing the base nicotine solution (such as Elixir) with a diluent (such as propylene glycol) and a flavoring (if required). If you have purchased one of our DIY E Liquid mixing kits, you will have the equipment you need, such as empty dropper bottles, measuring instruments and a mixing beaker. These should be used solely for mixing e liquids and always washed well after use.

The quantities of ingredients you use depend on the strength and amount of E Liquid you want to make. Examples of strengths are as follows

Low 8mg (0.8% nicotine)
Medium 18mg (1.8%nicotine)
High 24mg (2.4% nicotine)

You can calculate measurements of various ingredients easily using our E Liquid Mixing Calculator so you will be able to make any amount or strength that you desire, but here we will give the quantities for some commonly made amounts and strengths for your convenience. If you are making small quantities (recommended when you begin so that mistakes are not costly), then measuring in drops can be done. It is the ratio that matters, the ratio of nicotine solution (Elixir) to diluent (PG12 and flavouring) that matters, that will result in a consistent strength of final e-liquid.

With regards flavorings, it is very much according to taste and also the strength of flavouring that you are using. The flavorings that come with E Liquid Labs E Mixing Kit are quite strong and you will probably find that using between 5-10% flavoring, will be plenty to give a nice taste to your ejuice. This may require some experimentation, which is why we suggest making small quantities at first.

If making a larger quantity such as 30ml of e-liquid, then measuring in milliliters will save time. In all E Liquid Labs DIY e-liquid mixing kit, you will find dropper bottles, a 3ml pipette (graduated at 0.5ml) and also for measuring even smaller amounts, a 1ml syringe, graduated at 0.1ml.

Simply measure the ingredients and then mix together well. If making larger quantities to be put in small bottles, use the mixing beaker, otherwise, you can measure the ingredients directly into a dropper bottle and then shake well before using.

Here are three charts with the quantities of ingredients already calculated for quick reference. We have included a chart for making 10ml of e-liquid and a chart for making 30ml of e-liquid at low, medium and high strength, using 10% flavouring. For making different quantities and strengths please refer to the e mixing calculator, where you can enter the strength and final amount of eliquid you want to make and the quantities will be automatically adjusted.

Qunatities required to make 10ml of E-Liquid
Nicotine base (54mg Elixir) 1ml 3ml 4ml
Diluent (PG12) 8ml 6ml 5ml


1ml 1ml 1ml


Quantities required to make 30ml of E-Liquid
Nicotine base (54mg Elixir) 4ml 10ml 13ml
Diluent (PG12) 23ml 17ml 14ml
Flavouring (10%)


3ml 3ml 3ml

To make other quantities and strengths, please refer to the E Liquid Calculator here.

Once you have made your e-liquid, store it in a cool dark place until use. Make sure to use the childproof caps provided and keep out of reach of children or pets. Use in the normal way, by dripping a few drops into the cartridge of your ENI (electronic cigarette).


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