Lover’s Mix-Hookah Recipe


Lover’s Mix-Hookah Recipe


Everyone loves chocolate; this love is the purest, deepest and the most intense. As we know happiness is chocolate, that is bitter, sweet yet alive. And this Hookah recipe knows well that no food, luxury, sensuality, gratification, love and comfort can replicate the admiration of a chocolate love.

Ingredients for Lover’s Mix Hookah Recipe are




Benefits of Lover’s Mix Hookah Recipe are

•  Strawberries are not too overpowering and the smell isright on the spot. Tastes excellent to the very end, exactly how strawberries should taste. Strawberry for me is a personal favorite. I recommend this to all the Hookah users to use this as a primary flavor.
•  Passion fruit has a very fruity yet a smooth and light taste. The slightly bitter but mainly sweet fruit is known for its extremely potent delicious aroma that lingers in your room and your mouth for long. This highly aromatic fruit offers a tropical sweet tart flavor to the recipe. This interesting flavor screams of freshness and more freshness.
•  Cocoa is one of the sexist flavors I have burned. It very closely replicates the taste of chocolate. Though, chocolate flavors are hard to reproduce but this recipe resembles an instant hot cocoa mix powder. It is somewhat dry, somewhat strong and somewhat complex. The smoke is very delicious and satisfying. The smoke has great thickness, flavor was gentle yet hard but damn yummy cocoa, buzz was excellent too.
•  The overall flavor of this recipe is 10/10 as the solid chocolate flavor garnished with strawberry and passion fruit makes a dream mix. The pudding taste and the smell of a powdered hot chocolate is a  chocolate lover’s dream ( now you know from where its name is inspired from)


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