Mango Mania


Mango Mania


With the fabulous aroma of freshly peeled mango, this mouthwatering Mango Shisha Recipe has the succulent flavors of the tempting mangoes. Mango flavor in this recipe offers a sweet and tangy taste that enhances the overall Shisha tasting experience. It leaves a slightly tart aftertaste with deliciously punch flavor. Even, the best part is that the smoke has thickness. The mangoes have a luscious essence that makes them a popular choice for smokers. It is preferred mostly for those who love extreme sweetness with a Midas touch of piquancy!

The recipe kicks out maximum flavor and some enormous clouds blended with tobacco. Mango gives a fruity aftertaste, not overpowering smell that will entice you for a longer smoking session. Only one draw generates a tsunami of mango flavor as it’s subtle without losing its pedigree. The Tobacco in this recipe will make your taste buds salivate at the very first whiff. The bold mango and tobacco flavor generates great thick smoke. The huge clouds of smoke will send you to your happy place and sooth even your biggest sweet tooth. Smoke this delicious recipe, I loved it, hope you enjoy it too!

Ingredients for Mango Mania-Mango Shisha Recipe are





Instructions to prepare Mango Mania-Mango Shisha Recipe

•  Cut mangoes into fine pieces and mix honey, tobacco and glycerin
•  Allow the mixture to marinate for 6-7 hours as per your convenience.
•  Fill the base of your Hookah with ice and lots of mango juice
•  You can either cook fruits or marinate them and then add the molasses, tobacco or honey.
•  You can prepare this fruit shisha with kiwi, lemon, chocolate, blueberry, peach, orange, banana, watermelon and vanilla.
•  You can add the base as per your choice; it can be fruit juices or cola.


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