Menthol E-Liquid


Menthol E-Liquid is one of the most popular flavors of E-juice. A lot of people enjoy the fresh taste and head-clearing effects of a menthol vapor.

Origins Of Menthol

Menthol is an organic compound that is derived from the peppermint plant. It is the element of mind that causes a cooling sensation. Although no actual cooling takes place, the receptors that sense cold, are stimulated, so giving a fresh, cool sensation when inhaled. It is only relatively recently (the 1700s) that menthol was extracted and isolated from the mint. Before that, peppermint has been used since ancient times, as a remedy for various ailments. In time ancient people would chew peppermint leaves to cure colds, coughs and sore throats. Menthol is known to have mild anesthetic properties and works as an anti-irritant. Peppermint chewed after a meal is said to aid digestion and was used for cases of nausea in the olden days.

Uses Of Menthol In Modern Days

These days menthol is used as an ingredient in many products. Some cough medicines and throat sweets contain menthol. Also, some analgesic creams contain menthol, due to it being helpful to alleviate itching and muscle pain. The head-clearing effects of menthol, have led to it being used in balms to relieve headaches. It also helps with bad breath and has antibacterial properties, so is sometimes found in toothpaste as well. Due to its significant effects on digestion, it is common to have after dinner mints these days. It is the menthol in mint that has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Menthol In E-Liquid

Many people have got used to smoking menthol cigarettes, and so it is natural that when switching to the healthier alternative of vaping, they may like to continue to experience a menthol flavor. The menthol in the liquid is naturally pure menthol crystals that have been dissolved in propylene glycol. Menthol crystals are solid at room temperature but melt just slightly above that. So in the human body at 37.5C body temperature, the menthol is in a liquid state. People using electronic cigarettes can continue to enjoy the pleasant and beneficial effects of menthol.

Menthol As An E-Liquid Flavor Concentrate

This is just menthol crystals dissolved in propylene glycol. It can be used in various ways, as it is food grade, it can be added to a variety of preparations. People who make their DIY e-liquid can add a few drops of the menthol flavor concentrate to their e-juice mix. People like different strengths of flavor, so mixing your own and adding flavor according to taste, is something entirely a few like to do. Some people add a few drops of menthol to other flavors, such as cherry, for example, to make cherry menthol e-liquid. It is down to personal taste.

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