Milkgat E-Juice by Yami Vapor Review


Milkgat is an excellent vape juice by Yami Vapor. If you have a sweet tooth, then Milkgat is a must-try. This e-liquid has a smooth sweet taste that fills the mouth. Milkgat e-liquid has the flavor of a creamy milk nougat. You can taste the rich flavor of this e-liquid with every puff you take. This milk nougat e-liquid has a surreal taste. You can tell that it contains milk, sugary and a hint of buttery flavor. Milkgat e-liquid does not have any artificial taste. There are very few milk nougat e-liquids on the market that are as good as Milkgat. You can vape this e-liquid all day long and not get tired of it. This is certainly an all day vape.

Milkgat is a classic dessert e-liquid. When vaping this Yami Vapor vape juice, a sweet taste that fills the mouth. You get the delicious nougat flavor with buttery notes on the inhale. Vapers with sweet tooths will be impressed with it. On the exhale, the taste of the creamy milk flavor becomes more dominant. You also get notes of some hazelnut flavor from this e-liquid. The pleasant taste of Milkgat makes vaping it a fun experience. Milkgat has a delicious and long-lasting aftertaste. You can confidently recommend this e-liquid to other vapers who are into creamy and sweet e-liquids.

Milkgat by Yami Vapor is a MAX VG e-liquid. It is made of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This e-juice works well with a sub ohm tank or with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Milkgat is not a coil killer despite its sweet taste. You can vape it for a long time before you will need to clean your coils.

Milkgat scores full points for both flavor accuracy and cloud production. This e-liquid produces thick clouds of vapor with every puff. The clouds that this e-liquid produces are not only thick but also have a nice aroma.

Milkgat e-juice by Yami Vapor comes with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get this e-liquid with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Milkgat has a smooth and mellow throat hit. You will get no throat irritation from vaping this Yami Vapor e-juice even when you turn up the wattage. Choose the version of this e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine if you want a hard throat hit. Vapers who prefer a light throat hit will enjoy the versions of Milkgat with 3mg of nicotine. The 0mg version is for those who want no throat hit or nicotine buzz.

Like other Yami Vapor e-liquids on the market, Milkgat has a classic packaging design that easily catches the eye. This box of this e-liquid is designed with blue and silver color.  You will also find an image of an anime character on the box and label.  Milkgat is sold in a plastic chubby gorilla unicorn bottle, so you do not have to worry when it falls on the ground.

Milkgat e-juice is produced in the United States by Yami Vapor. This company has earned a reputation for making premium vape juice blends. Yami Vapo has an impressive collection of e-liquids. This company produces its e-liquids using only the finest food-grade ingredients. You can tell that Yami Vapor e-liquids are of high-quality as they taste exactly as the flavor description states.

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