New E-Juice Flavors Developing Every Day


Vape juice recipes offer a nice selection of e-Liquid flavors that taste just like your favorite drinks!

The electronic is a very new, very revolutionary device that has literally changed the face of smoking in general already, and it hasn’t even been on the market that long. Within the very few years on the market, the flavors of E-juice, the liquid that goes into the electronic cigarette have developed in drastic ways.

E-juice is liquid nicotine that goes into the end of the electronic cigarette. When you puff on the cigarette, the liquid reaches the atomizer and is vaporized for you to inhale. This is what gets the nicotine into your body.

Liquid nicotine, when the e-cig first came onto the market, was originally created in very few flavors. And these were all like cigarette flavors. There were, of course, menthol versions, but this is about as far as the entire thing went. Cigarettes then were only thought to taste like cigarettes.

From there, though, came a series of fruit-flavored E-juice flavors, probably derived from the fruit flavored cigars of many brands that people love to smoke. These came in a large variety even in the beginning. You could get basic flavors such as grape and cherry, but also other flavors such as coconut or mixed fruits. Strawberry-kiwi is a popular example of this kind of fruit flavored liquid.

The ideas then started flowing, and someone got very creative. Recently, though, this path has developed to even more extreme places. From fruits came flavors of common, very popular sweets. These included cotton candy, caramel, and even cheesecake flavors more recently. Think of smoking and getting a flavor of cheesecake. Yum. More and more flavors of delicious desserts are coming out every single day, and they just keep getting more and more delicious.

In addition, other flavors of E-juice have come along as well. For example, beverage flavors of all kinds have been created. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavors are both available now. You can have your smoke flavored like a coffee, or even have a martini or margarita flavor every time you smoke. The choice is all yours.

The E-juice is the essential part of the electronic cigarette. It has come a very long way since the creation of the e-cig, though. Now, you don’t have to get your nicotine with the often unappealing taste of a cigarette. You can get it with the taste of something you really enjoy. You can also experiment with flavors to find the perfect one for you.

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