Propylene Glycol 250ml


Propylene glycol is an e-liquid diluent. It is a clear, odorless, viscous liquid with a slightly sweet taste, that can be used to dilute and carry other ingredients when mixing DIY e-liquids. When making e-liquids, a diluent is required to dilute the nicotine base and give the flavorings. PG12 is pure pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol, ideal for using in DIY E-Liquid.

You can find instructions for mixing your DIY E-Liquids here.

Propylene glycol is considered safe to use as a diluent in e-liquids. It has been used for many years as a carrier and diluent for all kinds of products such as food and cosmetics. It is well researched. There are some scaremongers who state that propylene glycol is antifreeze, this is very misleading as propylene glycol is non-toxic and is not the antifreeze that you might find in your car engine, but instead it is sometimes used in applications where there is the possibility of ingestion, such as food preparation applications and home water pipes, in place of normal antifreeze, due to it being non-toxic. It is known as non-toxic antifreeze and is entirely different from the very toxic antifreeze that might come to most people’s minds when such statements are made.


  • Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol (250ml)

Why not try making your cheap e-liquid using PG12 propylene glycol today!

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