Refreshing summers Day – Hookah Recipe


Refreshing summers Day – Hookah Recipe


This recipe is a mix master. With just two ingredients the magic of Refreshing Summers Day is nothing less than a daydream. The lemon and mint match is surely made in ‘Heaven’. Both the flavors are refreshing and clean and create a great mix that is extremely smooth and refreshing to smoke. The amazing flavor of this recipe will make you smoke for hours.

Ingredients for Refreshing Summer’s Day –Hookah recipe are




Benefits of Refreshing Summer’s Day Hookah Recipe are

•  Lemon and Mint Hookah Recipe is not a novel creation but it is one of the most loved and effective mix of all times. The taste is not too minty and not too lemony. Overall, it is a great smoke and frequently a favorite of all Hookah Lovers.
•  If there were a volume scale on this recipe, then the flavor would be turned up to 11 out of 10.The ripe citrus flavor of lemon will wash away your senses, as the twist of mint enhances the freshness of this recipe manifold. The thick clouds of tart citrus make the cooling mint cooler.
•  Now, talking about mint, you will give it a strong 10/10 spearmint rating. Mint is easiest to smoke and it bursts into flavor every time you puff. The mint will give you some seriously huge clouds.
•  The powerful flavors of lemon and mint will give you great intensity of aroma, buzz and flavors. The mint will give you chills in your spine. Now, how sexy is this!
The recipe is very pleasurable, soothing and simple. The powerful taste sensation produces thick and puffy vapors and the cooling effect of mint and citrusy effect of lemon will garnish your day with outrageous and invigorating chill just like the cool minty lemonade in those freaking summer days.


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