Rose Desire-Shisha Recipe


Rose Desire-Shisha Recipe


This recipe is no normal; it is unique, breathtakingly aromatic, deliciously tasty, spectacularly arousing and tremendously electrifying. It will rejuvenate your senses, revitalize your mind and enliven your mood. Try this beautiful blend of rose, mint and double apple for something exotic and alluring.

Ingredients for Rose Desire-Shisha Recipe




Benefits of Rose Desire-Shisha Recipe are

•  Rose has a long lasting, floral flavor with delicious flowery aroma that delivers a slightly different smoking experience than the ubiquitous fruity flavor varieties. The flavor produces dense aromatic white clouds that are super erotic.
•  The recipe Rose Desire has a rich, smooth smoke bursting juicy flavor as rose, mint and double apple impart refreshing, revitalizing and arousing touch to the smoking session.
•  Rose flavor is sweet and light and has a distinctive fragrance. It goes tremendously well with mint and double apple.
•  Mint is very rejuvenating and refreshing and provides a chill and breezy taste to the hookah. Mint flavor is known not to be overwhelmingly strong but for giving a pleasant taste as well as a great minted aroma.
•  Rose Desire Shisha Recipe has a smoothing effect that lingers for longer time in your mouth and the savor is very light indeed.
•  As the mint flavor is refreshing it works great when mixed with rose and double apple. The overall flavor, aroma and taste are more delicious and soothing. The smoke of the recipe is thick and puffed.
•  Double apple has a stronger apple flavor and is also one of the most loved flavors by the hookah community.
•  The crisp and rich apple flavor electrifies the senses in the best possible way. The sweet and tangy flavor of apple takes the smoking session to enjoyable heights.


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