TAAT Original Hemp Cigarettes Review


Authentic. Reputable. Customer-oriented. Trendsetter. These are but a few adjectives you can use to describe TAAT, a brand manufacturing revolutionary hemp-based cigarettes. The brand offers three flavors, namely menthol, smooth, and original. Each flavor produces a similar taste and feel as famous brands like Marlboro, Winston, Pall Mall, Newport, and American Spirit. One of the more popular flavors is the TAAT original hemp cigarettes. 

These CBD cigarettes offer a similar flavor profile as Marlboro red, American Spirit blue, and Winston. Expect some bold flavors that will excite the palate and quench all your cravings. The pack is an excellent alternative to conventional cigarettes since it retains the flavors, look, and feel of regular cigarettes without nicotine or tobacco. TAAT’s proprietary blend of ingredients is designed to produce end products that maintain the same traditions that keep people hooked to cigarettes without harmful content. 

The issue with tobacco cigarettes

Conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes contain harmful products that have led to the health deterioration of millions of individuals across the globe. Despite the overwhelming evidence of the effects and countless warnings, billions of cigarette packs are sold annually. This is not because people don’t want to change. A substantial number of people set out to quit smoking but eventually go back to the habit. Quitting smoking is an arduous task. This is because it is nearly impossible to forsake the rituals associated with the practice. Smoking with friends, fixing the sticks on the lips, making huge draws, blowing thick clouds of smoke in the air, and flicking the ashes as the cigarettes burn is not easy to abandon. 

What does TAAT offer? 

That’s why TAAT has created products like the original pack that mimic the traditions of smoking cigarettes. The products taste, feel, look, and give the same experience as regular cigarettes. This makes the transition from tobacco to hemp cigarettes relatively seamless. You get to maintain the rituals while choosing a healthier and safer alternative. 

The TAAT original pack is made of 90% hemp. The hemp plants are American grown and are cultivated under strict conditions to maintain quality. TAAT works with reputable farmers with a stellar work ethic. The other 10% of the ingredients constitute water and a blend of natural food-grade material. The former helps to mimic the flavor profile of famous brands. Every stick contains up to 25% CBD and 0.2 THC. This means you can smoke all you want without getting high. 

The original TAAT box is red and contains 20 cigarettes. The carton has ten packs inside and 200 sticks. Each cigarette is made of FSC branded paper, a Beyond tobacco filler, and a filtered tip. These give the sticks a natural feel and look, similar to your favorite tobacco-based cigarettes. 

Are original hemp cigarettes for you?

The TAAT original pack is for anyone looking for the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The sticks will help you cut off on your nicotine intake while enjoying the numerous therapeutic benefits of CBD. If you want bold, authentic flavors, look no further. These cigarettes will help you combat the craving for harmful products within no time.


TAAT products are sold at 50% of the price attached to conventional cigarettes. So, not only are you making better health choices, but also saving some serious amounts of cash. The TAAT Original pack goes for $6.99, while the carton retails at 59.99. For a free pack, visit trytaat.com today. What’s more, you get free shipping for any other above $40.

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