The Top Weirdest E-Liquids on the Market


There are all types of e-liquid flavors on the market. Due to the fierce competition, e-juice manufacturers are becoming very creative and producing vape juice blends that will target a particular niche in the industry. This has resulted in the creation of some e-juice flavors that many might consider just weird. Below are 10 of weird e-liquids recipes on the market.

  • Black Pepper e-liquid by ECBlend – If you were to eat raw pepper, you’d quickly be reaching for a glass of water. It is very spicy and hot. But, how about vaping it. Regardless of what you might think, there is a market for this e-liquid. Black pepper goes well with a meat snack and a cold beer on the side.
  • Cucumber Mint by Slim’s E-Juice – Mixing cucumber and peppermint creates a unique flavor. This is an e-juice for everyone who loves cucumber. Cucumber Mint is a perfect summer vape. The taste is slightly sweet and faintly salty combined with the cooling sensation of peppermint. It is satisfying and refreshing.
  • Fire & Ice by Slim’s E-Juice – This e-juice brings together two opposites. Fire & Ice is available at It consists of icy menthol and spicy cinnamon red hots. There are two types of cinnamon flavors: sweet and hot cinnamon. The hot cinnamon will remind you of the cinnamon flavored heart candies mixed with a cold menthol blast. It’s spicy and refreshing.
  • Ketchup by One on One Flavors – I’m certain that you do not mind ketchup on your chips. However, vaping mainly ketchup is something else. It is not what I would prefer. But, you might find it quite nice especially if you combine it with a snack.
  • Dill Pickle by ECBlend – Pickles have a tantalizing spicy flavor. However, the sharpness of the taste is just perfect.
  • Cracker Popcorn by Slim’s E-Juice – If you have a thing for popcorn, you can also enjoy the same flavor from a vape juice. Cracker Popcorn has a nice buttery salty taste. This is among the vape juice recipes for popcorn lovers.
  • Dirty Ashtray by ECBlend – I’m still trying to figure out where the inspiration for this flavor came from. It goes to show how weird e-liquids can get. Would I be tempted to try a dirty ashtray flavor, I don’t think so. However, the description notes that this e-liquid the flavor of burning cigarette. Similar to a relit cigarette after it’s been put out. Well, If you like cigarettes, why not!
  • Crabs by ECBlend – Crab has a salty and shellfish flavor. It’s not my cup of tea, but I can understand vaping it especially if you combine it with other flavors. It does make for a good recreational vape.  
  • Nacho Cheese by Appolo – I have to admit, I do like snacking on Doritos Nacho Cheese, so vaping it is quite fine, especially since it saves me all those calories. This is not an all day vape for me. But I can see myself vaping this occasionally when the urge for a snack arises. Vaping Nacho Cheese is quite enjoyable.
  • Bacon by Flavorwest – Bacon, and eggs go very well together with a nice cup of coffee on the side. The savory taste of bacon is always delightful. Another e-juice that also falls in the same basket as Bacon is Roast Beef e-liquid.

These are just a few of the weird e-juice flavors on the market. Trust me, we haven’t even started scratching the surface.

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