Vinci Pod Royal Edition Pod by VooPoo Review


The VooPoo brand has a wide collection of vape systems and other accessories on the market. This brand is famous for the quality of every product it has on offer. The Vinci Pod Royal Edition is a one-of-a-kind vape device by VooPoo. There are very few designs that look as good as the Vinci Pod Royal Edition does. This pod features a classic design and other innovative technology that makes vaping fun and memorable. Below are some key features of this vape system to look out for.


The Vinci Pod Royal Edition features a classical design with relief sculpture technology. This device is like artwork and the convex and concave lines give this royal vape a pleasant feel. Vinci Pod Royal Edition is made using 6061 aviation-grade aluminum alloy material known for being durable, tough, and fatigue resistant. The Vinci Pod Royal Edition is also made to fit into your hands excellently.: holding this device feels like carrying a masterpiece around. It should be noted that the Vinci Pod Royal Edition is one of the fewest vape systems featuring handmade artwork. The process takes about 8 months and involves 68 steps and 12 manufacturing processes.

The Vinci Pod Royal Edition is available in different color finishes including Silver Jazz, Gold Jazz, Black Ripple, Silver Icon, White Leaf, and Gold Leaf.

This VooPoo vape system is also designed to be easy to use. This device also comes with very few buttons. This VooPoo also comes fitted with an LED indicator light that helps you monitor your battery level and keep you informed on other necessary information. This device is also designed with a visible battery that will show you the e-juice level in real-time so you don’t need to concern yourself with running out of juice.


The Vinci Pod Royal Edition device comes fitted with an 800 mAh battery that can last for a whole day. When fully charged this battery will offer about 500 puffs before running out of power. This battery charges fast and can be charged using a fast USB-C charging cable. This VooPoo system comes with an LED screen that will inform you of the battery level. The green light will show when the battery level is 60 percent full. And the blue light shows when the battery is between 20/60 percent full. The red light only comes on when the battery is 20 percent and lower.


The Vinci Pod Royal Edition comes with a super-sensitive atomizer designed with fast auto-draw. This vaping system is designed for pleasant vape sessions. Vinci Pod Royal Edition comes with two pods of 0.8 ohms and 1.2 ohms designed to offer different layers of flavor.

The Vinci Pod Royal Edition is designed to work with different cartridges including Vinci Q, Drag Nano 2, and Vinci Pod. This VooPoo system also offers multiple airflow options including 268 precise airway adjustments. This device offers a smooth taste and rich flavors with every hit you take.

Vinci Pod Royal Edition comes with VooPoo pods that are ideal for only MTL vaping.


The Vinci Pod Royal Edition comes with different safety features. This royal vape comes with a new leak-proof design. Other safety features include over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection overtime protection, overtime protection, output over-current protection, and over-current protection.


The Vinci Pod Royal Edition is available for sale at most vape stores like other VooPoo products. You can also choose to buy directly from the VooPoo online store. At this store, you can buy the Vinci Pod Royal Edition and other Vinci accessories. Other VooPoo products are also available for sale at this online store. The main advantage of buying directly from the VooPoo store is being sure of the quality. And as manufacturers, they tend to offer the best prices.

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