Zippy Bouquet- Shisha Recipe


Zippy Bouquet- Shisha Recipe


This recipe is just like having a fruit salad at your grandma’s house. The oranges, strawberries, peaches, mints and two apples are mixed in perfectly; the flavor is a bit complex but too intriguing. The tropical fruit aromas with fresh sweetness and fruit mixes is a bonanza you don’t want to miss.

Ingredients for Zippy Bouquet Shisha Recipe a


Benefits of Zippy Bouquet are

•  Two apples is the most smoked flavor in the world. This classic is great on own it’s for a traditional hookah smoking session. The dense clouds of smoke will take you closer to the deepest fantasies. The deep, rich apple flavor gives an awesome hit!
•  Peach renders a sweet fruitiness to the recipe with frequent bites of tart and tang that creates a delicious combination. This fruit based flavor is bold and provides an excellent hookah session when you have an urge for a fruit flavor without a pure sugar blast. It works great with strawberry, apples and orange.
•  Orange is mildly sweet here. The aroma and flavor boast a tang of juicy citrus flavor that has the tartness and tangs of real oranges. If you like citrus hookah, then you should definitely add this to your cache. The flavor of orange is so dominating it feels like standing amidst the orange grove. The potent orange flavor may become overpowering soon, so control it!
•  If you are a fan of strawberries, I am sure you will go nuts for this recipe. The elegance of strawberry is at its highest peak in this recipe. The smell is so good that it feels like strawberries are jumping out of your nose. The taste is so good that it’s impossible to not fall in love with this flavor.
•  Mint is kick-in-the-teeth spearmint with sweet and lights tones. The spearmint undertones will leave you smelling lovely for hours. Mint is a very tricky flavor here. You may be surprised by the overpowering mint flavor that burst out at you.





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